The beginning of my Crown Life Movement
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About Letha Anise

I am a Mother, Grandmother and entrepreneur. My Aquarian vibe is Free-spirited and eccentric. I love unconventional fashions and creating African-American inspired handmade products. My social media is a little nonconformist and I respect the Black Lives Matter Movement.

I love life, people and being a inspirational human being.
Traveling to the Caribbean a couple of times a year is heaven on earth!

I first started hand-making Tiaras (wired headwraps} for myself as a quick and easy headpiece for daily wear. Something that was cute and stayed put and could be free-styled and colors that pop.

I slowly began to share my wired creations with family and friends …their encouragement, feedback and support started my headwraps journey!

I began researching African Prints and teaching myself how to create beautiful headwraps that we see in the motherland, it became my obsession. My love for headwraps grew into a full grown “crown your tresses” business opportunity.
I order fabrics frequently to give you the vibrant authentic options at the best prices!

Thank you for perusing our website . We hope enjoy your purchases that are made with love!

Letha Anise,
Queen Artist

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